Your Astrologer

Namaste from YOUR Astrologer, Dr. Rajendra Raj Sudhanshu.

I don’t claim that I am the Best or No. 1 but with experience of 30 Years including online consultations since 1998, I believe that I and my proficiency is worth your attention.

Why am I confident that I can be of service?

Because I am practicing with advanced Vedic Astrology system called, ‘KP System’, is famous for accuracy. This system is based on 12 signs (Rashi), 27 Nakshatras (Stars or Constellation) and 249 subdivision of the zodiac. While other Astro schools follow only 12 signs (Rashi).

I am also proficient in Vastu (The Vedic architecture science) & find a close relationship between your horoscope & your home or business place.

My Study & Experience

After 5-6 years study of traditional Indian Astrology, In 1985 I got in touch with Astrologer Shree Krishnamurti’s books. This study opened my eyes and gives me knowledge of pin point time framed prediction skills. I learned this science is more than 12 Zodiac signs and 12 Cusp (Bhava) of the Horoscope. I came to know the most important role of the 27 Nakshatra (Constellation or Lunar mansion), which is hidden in all the horoscope pattern, Noth Indian, South Indian even Western. What are the hidden role of Rahu & Ketu (Moon’s North & South nodes), result of the retrograde planets in the prediction. I found wrong interpretation of the exalted and debilitated planets. The beauty of the KP system is the ‘how to analyze an events’ and ‘how to determine time frame’.

A Long Journey depth of knowledge

In my more than 30 years career, I saw thousands of Horoscopes. It gives me more knowledge than the books, especially for the career, new job getting, finance, business, so called Manglik dosha, an unrealistic system of the ‘Guna-Milan (Match making) child birth, delay in marriage. How to get rid of the financial problem etc.

Achievements  & Expertisation-

A successful track record of predicting in Indian Politics and accurately forecasting ups and downs of political parties in the Indian elections. I predicted on Facebook about the victory of Narendra Modi Ji as Prime Minister of India & number of seats of BJP+ in parliament election 2014.

Like you so many clients approaching me for their problems like Job, Promotion, A better job, Business & financial problems. So many calling for marriage compatibility, match making, the problem in their married life, No child after so many years of marriage, undiagnosed, uncurable and chronic health problems.

Success rate

By the grace of Shree Ganesha Ji and Baba Neeb Karoli 90% clients benefitted by my predictions and solutions.

Since 1998 I have excellent track record in PayPal, yet only 2 unsatisfied clients in 19 years, who claimed for the charge back at PayPal out of thousands.

What can you expect from me

I can predict the circumstances you may experience in the forthcoming future as well advise you on the most effective way to achieve your targets, resolve your problems and how to optimize the potential that lies within you & how to best utilize any negative phase of life.

I will answer all about your queries by predicting whether they will materialize or not, how & when with the timeframe of the event. I would also suggest the best possible Vedic remedies by Vastu, Vedic Pooja, and Lucky gemstones if required.

If you agonize over problems of career, marriage, relationship, business, family, health or spirituality and would like to get the guidance of Astrologer, my Live Astrology Readings, Audio file reports of predictions (on your Country Phone) will provide, insight and guidance on matters that may have troubled you. You can ask about any problem you are facing. I will help you with best of my knowledge.

(Please see pic of my prediction of my Facebook wall dated 03-04-2014)

How can you solve your problems and get Benefited?

Delay in Marriage

If all your efforts for Marriage are in vein!!
Then I can tell you- What are the astrological obstacles, When and how these will end? And Marriage When? With all about Your Married Life.

Unhappy Married Life

Are you suffering from issuea in marriage If all your efforts for Marriage are in vein!!
Then I can tell you- What are the astrological obstacles, When and how these will end? And Marriage When? With all about Your Married Life.

Unsatiisfied Career

Unsatisfied With Your Career & finance?
May be you are unsatisfied with your current business or job & like to know for better financial position or promotion or new job when?

Money & Finance

Financial Problem in Business?
You are doing hard work in business, but not get satisfactory growth, may face problems in business or factory, as less profitably, workmen problem, problems from govt. dept. etc.
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