Astrology Software


Astrology software company ‘TRIPLE-S’ is one of the leading organizations in the India, developing various types of Horoscope software. We are popularly known as a genuine source of structuring a unique blend of ancient astrology science and latest of computer technology.

HOROSOFT is a most comprehensive astrology software designed and developed by a team of professionals possessing specialized knowledge of computers and astrology. This software is based on Hindu Jyotish called Vedic astrology or Indian astrology, believed to be the most accurate science in the world that tells future. With its installation in almost all the major cities, the acceptability and reliability of its outputs is proved beyond any doubts.

HOROSOFT is available in differnt models for different purpose.

Online Horosoft Software- For portals and web sites for on line horoscope.

HOROSOFT Professional 4.0- For astrologers, Astrology research scholars, like to convert their office in eOffice.

HOROSOFT Standard is for astrologers, students and for computer horoscope shops. It is avaiable in different Indian regional langauge with Hindi and English.