What is ‘relationship compatibility’? It is a very important aspect in your relationship life. You can lead a happy, prosperous, joyful and successful life (Love/ Marriage) with your partner, when both of you have relationship compatibility. ‘Relationship Compatibility’ can be defined at a very basic level as,” Two opposite genders have relationship compatibility, if they live a frictionless life without sacrificing their goals of life, habits, likes and dislikes, dressing style, speaking style etc.” In short you can say that if one doesn’t sacrifice his/her nature for his/her partner’s well and lead a frictionless life will be in relationship compatibility to one’s partner. But it is also a fact that each and every individual has unique qualities, habits and principles of life. Based upon the fact that every individual is unique, you can object that how could relationship compatibility exist in real? The answer to your question is already given by a unique language of energy called Astrology. It is a very strong tool for determining relationship compatibility.

Astrology is very useful regarding relationships like friendship, business partners, siblings, cross gender relations (before/after marriage). This content will help you understand how astrology is well founded for finding your real relationship compatibility to have a frictionless life. There are many astrological techniques used to determine relationship compatibility levels between two lovers.