Astrology and the Women’s Stress

Women’s Stress & Vedic Astrology

Emotional Stress Role of Moon

Hormones- Role of Rahu & Ketu

Anxiety & Depression- By Saturn

Role of Mindfullness & Gemstones to Reduce Your Stress

May be I pick a less commercial but emotional topic for this dot com but in my 30 years career I saw most of the women suffering from stress due to different reasons, that’s why I think about this.

I dedicate this page to you because you are not simply a woman, you are Super Woman.

You all are Super Women in family & at work. For kids, you have to prove Super Mom, for husband Super wife, for the whole family & guest Super Cook as well as Super Host.

You try your best at work as well as at home. A lot of pressure & stress on you. Above all nature makes you with some complicated biological phenomena, complicated organs system. Suffering 4 days every month for the continuity of mankind. May a facing lot of hormonal complications pre and post child birth. And then menopausal complications from 45 to 55 years of age. 

Are men having these suffering and sacrifices? No.

Husband like to see you fit and slim but obesity due to Thyroids or pre n post child birth changes create a lot of problems.

The result?


Stress to prove, ‘Yes I am your Super wife/mom.

(Pic of stressed woman)

What Astrology can do to get rid of this STRESS?

In Indian Astrology Moon & Venus tells about the women. Venus is a feminine planet as well of beauty & love. Moon for emotion, affection, tender, sympathy and feelings. 4th house of Horoscope is for the same and for Mother. 5th House of Horoscope is very important as it is for love, attachment, affection, and above all for children.

Role of Rahu, Ketu & Saturn

These planets can affect badly on Hormonal glands If any of these planets are affecting 4th house of Horoscope, can disturb emotionally as well as Saturn can give you depression and loneliness feelings. If Rahu & Ketu are affecting 5th house and Venus, it can disturb ovulation cycle & creates problems in progeny & safe conceiving.

All the 9 planets and 12 houses of your horoscope have an important role in your personal, emotional & professional life.

I will listen to you

Whether stress at work, at home or some physical, emotional, relationship, marriage, health etc. issue, just call me I will listen to you and try to help with knowledge of Indian Astrology – Medical Astrology & suggest possible solutions.

For all this, I will charge only US$111 (instead of $125).

(It is not discount, it’s my respect to ‘Super Woman’)

After graduation I was promised a job which was later denied due to recession in the industry. My relatives told me to reach out to Dr.Sudhanshu and I haven’t looked back ever till date. He not only helped me in landing into a job but also helped me widen my thinking process and the whole perspective to life.

Arjun Kapoor

Successfully leading career

From a broken marriage to a happy life with two beautiful kids. this wouldn’t have been possible without Sudhanshu ji. He not only helped me along with the vedic remedies but also went way forward to sort out things between me and my family. Thank you. 

Rekha Chopra

Happily married and has 2 healthy kids

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