Astro Vastu

What is Vastu (also called Vasthu or Vaastu)?

Vastu is ancient Vedic science, related with architecture for building construction, design, and interior. It takes care of the health and happiness of the individual. Vastu is an allied subject and remedial part of Vedic Astrology. This science based on the five elements theory, these five basic elements are Earth (Bhumi), Water (Jal), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni) and Space (Akasha). It is a result oriented field to assure harmony with the universal rhythm of creation, resulting in health, wealth, prosperity, wisdom and much more.

Fundamentals of Vastu are, The magnetic field, gravity, kinetic energy, revolution, and rotation, of the Earth, and the solar and cosmic energy coming from planets and stars, etc.

How Vastu ( Vaastu ) effect on us?

If we travel in a car/van have seats in opposite directions, the person sitting in front will be more comfortable than the person in the opposite direction. Above is the fundamental of the Earth’s revolution and rotational direction.

Magnetic poles influence our blood circulatory system, Iron in the body and neurons. Ground/floor levels, walls, and surroundings can reduce/increase cosmic rays of planets and stars.


If we put a piece of paper or cloth in Sunrays on any day of the year, either in summer or winter, can it burn? Are Sunrays have so much heat energy to burn it? No. Now if we apply a convex glass lens, even in winter sunrays, the focus of Sunrays immediate burn that paper or cloth. From where this burning heat produce? Is it from that lens of glass? No, It is the energy of Sunrays. The lens can only concentrate this energy. So the energy is always there, Vastu directly manages this energy.

Vastu and Astro – Vastu

There is a close relation in Astrology and Vastu. Planets rule every Geo directions, i.,g., East by The Sun, West by Saturn, Northeast by Jupiter, etc.

Our Horoscope is a directional map of Zodiac at the birth time. Each Planet is the ruler of a direction, and the Houses of horoscope indicates a direction as East, West, etc. The signification of 12 houses of horoscope and directions in Vastu are closely related. Moon is lord of North West, signify and have control over water, as well as other planets, signify different things and matter.

We consider each horoscope as a different case. If a person ruling by Saturn, then direction governed by the Sun will be not beneficial for him. Direction ruled by Saturn can only give him better result, as well as Blue shades, will give him more beneficial results. If a person ruling by Venus, then Jupiter’s direction can, reduce his Venus planet’s beneficial energy. If we change his home or office’s layout accordingly to planets, he will enjoy the more positive result of the Saturn and the Venus.

After a study and research, of, the correlation between both the science, we found a new concept of every direction have different results on the different person, accordingly their planets in the horoscope.

So ASTRO – VASTU is more precious and result oriented. Only fixed rules of the Vastu can give you adverse results, while ASTRO- VASTU can improve you.

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