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Online Astrology- Together with the growing fascination, more and more people are trying to find a simpler method of accessing their astrology. The traditional way of off-line consult to an astrologer in your area is now out dated. We are now in high-tech information technology era. And also our world become a cyber village. We can easily correspond from any location of the world to another place.

The way of connecting could possibly be audio talk, email writing, text chatting on various platforms as Hangout, Facebook Messenger, Skype or WhatsApp and so many other chat tools. Nowadays live video talk also becomes popular.

Online Astrology is a good instance of the benefit of today’s IT technology.

You may contact an Astrologer, just like you are usually in front with him. Whether you’re from the very same area or Country or not.

My Online Astrology Service provides you with very same benefits like I am giving to you in my office.

How it works?-

-You will immediately get an online scheduled appointment by email or a phone call. If you’d prefer an urgent scheduled appointment, you may get in just a few minute (subject to availability). Are you able to visit the nearest Astrologer within the area within a minute, even while many roads are stuffed?

-Astrology Reading is available in real-time on Phone on any text chat platform. No matter your home is in Los Angeles or Manchester or Brisbane or maybe Singapore. You will receive audio recording file or chat transcript right after completing the session.

Some other Online Astrology Services- I can provide you Vedic astrology Ephemeris, Rahu Kalam, Panchang etc. specifics for your city, which are easily not available outside of India in other countries.