Delay In Marriage Prediction

Delay in Marriage-Astrological predictions

  • Delay in marriage, When will I get married?
  • Time framed marriage Prediction.
  • The best possible remedy of Pooja & Lucky Gemstones.
  • Live Astrology prediction on the phone with solutions.

Delay in marriage is one of the biggest problems of our life. Every person/ parent worries about the wedding of them or their daughter or son. You may be 27+ or 30+ or 35+. Even having Good Education, satisfied Career, handsome perks, a big house, and car, still you are unmarried. All your friends got married. You already have so many times advertisement in matrimonial web portals and consulted with so many Astrologer & Pundits, but no way. Your relationship always ends with a break after sometimes. No luck in the marriage. Your efforts for Marriage are in vain!!
Why? Why there is always obstacle & hurdles comes in my wedding? Why there was a breakup?

What is the Astrological Reason of Delay in Your Marriage?

Vedic Astrology with Nakshatra’s study can analyze what the planetary problem in your horoscope is.

2nd, 7th 11th houses of horoscope tell us about the marriage, their significator planets dasha gives the time of the wedding. 5th house adds the role of love marriage. If Rahu is the strong significator of the 5th or11th house, it may be inter caste or religion marriage.

Astrological reasons for the Delay in the Marriage.- It May be due a malefic planet/s in 2nd, 7th or 11th house, lord of 2nd in the 1st house or lord of 7th is ill-positioned in the 6th or 8th. If lord of 5th is in the 4th, it can give unstable relationship.

What will you get in my Astrology Prediction for the marriage?

  • I will predict, ‘When will you get married?
  • What are the astrological planetary obstacles, when these will end?
  • The possible Astrological remedy and the solution like Pooja or lucky gemstone.
  • Time framed prediction of your Marriage.