Astrology Compatibility

Astrology Compatibility

Horoscope Match for Marriage

Is he/she is compatible with me?

Will our relationship convert into marriage?

Will it be happy married life?

Astrology Compatibility or Horoscope Matching is an important aspect in India as well as Western Countries. Everybody wants to know about compatibility and future of their married life.

The Stellar Astrology System, which I following is different from the Western Astrology’s Sun Sign Compatibility system, as well as Traditional Indian System, which is called ‘GUNA-MILAN’.
Western Astrology Compatibility system is based on the Sun sign (Solar sign). There are 12 Zodiac signs & the Sun remain in 1 sign for 30 days. So Sun Sign based Horoscope compatibility is not a perfect method of compatibility or Horoscope analysis.
Traditional Indian Astrology’s ‘Guna Milan’ system of 36 points is based on the MOON’s Nakshatra (Star or Lunar Mansion) at the birth of Boy and girl. Moon remains in one Nakshatra for 22 to 26 hrs. Moon’s Nakshatra repeats after every 27 days.

So how it is possible that all boys or girls born in a particular Sun sign or Moon Nakshatra are compatible with other Sun sign or Moon star born person?

Both the System is not adequate & sufficient, as it does not analyze Horoscopes on all the aspects of life such as nature, likeness, health, progeny, harmony, financial & social status, prosperity & understanding. While my detailed Compatibility analyzes all the above factors in both of the Charts (Horoscopes).

Right way of the Astrology Compatibility analysis

Lagna (Ascendant)- for the health, personality and mutual nature compatibility.
2nd House (Cusp)- For the financial status, family relations and bondage. Will they respect to family value or not?
5th House (Cusp)- For the Love and Romance. The 5th house also represents progeny & child birth.
7th House- This is the principal house of your chart or horoscope to judge the marriage & married life. Analysis of significator planets of the 7th house tells about future of married life.
11th House- It is also very important house to judge the happiness and fulfillment of your desire. This house tells us about the social relations.
While 6th, 8th, and 12th houses play a negative role in the native’s life. Mars and Sun are hot and violent in nature while Saturn, Rahu & Ketu are malefic. If these houses and planets are not connected with the Lagna (1st House), 2nd, 5th, 7th and 11th house, they can disturb married life.

I will analyze all above factors deeply and tell you whether HE or SHE is Astrological compatible with you or not, When will this proposal mature, and MARRIAGE WHEN?

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After graduation I was promised a job which was later denied due to recession in the industry. My relatives told me to reach out to Dr.Sudhanshu and I haven’t looked back ever till date. He not only helped me in landing into a job but also helped me widen my thinking process and the whole perspective to life.

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From a broken marriage to a happy life with two beautiful kids. this wouldn’t have been possible without Sudhanshu ji. He not only helped me along with the vedic remedies but also went way forward to sort out things between me and my family. Thank you. 

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