Manglik Dosh & Marriage

  • What Is Manglik Dosha?
  • Are You Really Manglik?
  • Is Your Manglik Dosha Nullified?
  • Can a Manglik marry with a Non-Manglik Person?

In the Indian society, ‘Manglik Dosha (Kuja Dosham)’ in the horoscope is a very BIG Problem.

Especially for Hindus who feared by the Manglik dosh or Kuja Dosha. It’s really very hard to search a match for Manglik girl/boy.

What is Manglik Dosha (Kuja Dosham)?

Mars is the planet of anger, fire, violence & hot energy. According to traditional Vedic Astrology, if Mars is positioned in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th 8th & 12th house of the horoscope, the person becomes MANGLIK. Therefore every 6 people out of 12 are having the Manglik Dosh. It means 50% persons are always Manglik!

And It is not the end

If Mars is posited in the above-said houses in the ‘Moon Horoscope (Chandra Kundali) gives the same dosha.

If Sun, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu are positioned in the same houses, traditional Astrologers and Pundits declare them MANGLIK in a moment. It means 80% persons are suffering from so-called Manglik dosha, according to those Astrologers and Pundits.

Oh, My God!!!

But this is not the truth.

There are further so many exceptions and cancellation rules for nullified this Manglik Dosh. Most of the Astrologer and Pundits either don’t know deeply or they don’t want to tell you.

There are more than 50 nullified conditions for the Manglik Dosh after that most of person remain non-Manglik. As well as there are so many Astrological conditions, in which a ‘Manglik’ and a ‘Non-Manglik’ person Marriage is possible.

There are detail chapters for the Manglik dosha in the Astrology Granth (textbooks) when the Manglik dosh nullified.

Will you now search a Manglik match for you, while you may be astrologically non-Manglik?

What you will get in my Astrology Reading (Live on the Phone)-

I will analyze in the proper way and tell you whether you / your daughter or son is Manglik or not? Is he or she really need to marry with a Manglik person? Any pooja or remedy for remove the Manglik Dosha. When will you get married (with time frame).
And all analysis with the rules of Vedic astrology for Manglik dosh & exceptions with reference to authentic textbooks written by our Rishis. So it is the best to get any satisfactory answer for all your queries before taking such an important decision of the marriage.

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