Free Astrology For Freshers

After Study-When will I get Job offer?

When will I join the job?

Will I join job or further study?

It’s a question to every Astrologer, of every youth in the Final year or semester or before.

Whether you are completing your Diploma, Graduation or Post-Graduation and want to join in a good Company. With every campus hiring your heart beat cross 100.

You are worried. You are in stress. Campus hiring about to over. Your friends either of better ranks or some lower ranks already got placement. But…..

When will be me? Will or not? Will I fulfill my parent’s dream??

Don’t worry.

Vedic Astrology will tell you with your Horoscope when you will get the job? When will you go to join? so you can bring an offering (Prashad) to Ganesha Ji or Hanuman Ji, a gift for your parent & siblings from your 1st salary.


In Horoscope 4th, 7th & 9th house (Bhava or cusp) is for higher education, 8th house is for completion of study & 2nd, 6th & 10th houses are for getting the job.

I will check your horoscope and tell you when your favorite time of career is coming? Will it in the same town or far away? In my native Country or in abroad?

Yes, Your Career Astrology reading will tell you all about your career prospectus.

Before entering into Astrology, I was also a student, so I can understand your paying limits from limited pocket money or internship stipend, that’s why for all freshers I offer my Career Astrology reading with a fee of 00.00 Free.

(But I will charge normal fees, as well as you will enter in your job & want to ask about ‘Love & relationship, marriage’ or ‘Promotion’.)

After graduation I was promised a job which was later denied due to recession in the industry. My relatives told me to reach out to Dr.Sudhanshu and I haven’t looked back ever till date. He not only helped me in landing into a job but also helped me widen my thinking process and the whole perspective to life.

Arjun Kapoor

Successfully leading career

From a broken marriage to a happy life with two beautiful kids. this wouldn’t have been possible without Sudhanshu ji. He not only helped me along with the vedic remedies but also went way forward to sort out things between me and my family. Thank you. 

Rekha Chopra

Happily married and has 2 healthy kids

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