Your Lucky Gems

Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Golden Sapphire, Amethyst, Diamond etc.

Gemstones are well known as precious stones and people eagerly seek them since Vedic ages. Since that time gemstones are being used in astrology for averting misfortune and curing diseases. Usually, gems are prescribed for wearing as rings or as amulets. It is said that the planet, which is weak in the horoscope must be found out by study and observing the symptoms and the amount of deficiency of the planet should be ascertained with care.

The use of gemstones for health diseases was in great demand in the ancient science of Indian medicine Ayurveda, and even today we find their use amongst the Ayurvedic physicians. It is difficult to say whether the wonderful properties of gems have been exploited in medicine for human goodness elsewhere except in India, but it is sure that it is adopted by the followers of Ayurveda in applying the different gems against disease or as a preventive measure.

Precious Lucky Gemstones

Gemstones are being used by men from the time immemorial for increasing wealth and longevity for power and popularity and for averting disease and bad effect of malefic planets in the Horoscope. The reference of gems and their power in early astrology research in Sanskrit is right from the time of Varaha Mihira (circa 400 AD) . the oldest Purana namely the Vishnu Purana ( 2nd century BC) makes elaborate observation on the origin and power of gems.

In our Astrology reading people with misfortunes are advised to wear different kinds of gemstones in order to counteract the effect of malefic planets.

With all these references I made an elaborate study on the use of Astrology gemstones in diseases as well as goodness of mankind in our astrology reading and now I prescribe the various types of gemstones to our clients , it is a matter of great satisfaction that by these remedial gems a great volume of cosmic power could be bought into harness of human suffering whether they are physical mental or financial.