Career Astrology-Promotion

  • Confirmative Astrology Reading for your promotion.
  • If yes, When it will be? Get Time framed Predictions.
  • If there is Delay? Any advice to enhance your Luck.

Career Astrology for Promotion When?

You are doing hard work. Timely complete projects and task. Dedicated to work and also have good relations with your boss and your team members. A few months ago some of your suggestions were approved and appreciated in the board.
Now, After few days, HR will release a list of promotion.
You are expecting your name in that list because you deserve. But it Maybe or Maybe not. Because it happened last time when your Luck was not worked?
Your all future plannings depend on this would be Promotion. Planning for payoff house mortgage, kid’s admission in good school, a new dream car, and a gift to your loving wife (yours) on coming anniversary.
Your all these dreams depend upon your promotion. It’s really very stressful.
But don’t worry.
Your Astrologer will predict you.
You will know, whether you will get a promotion or not, with the pinpoint timeframe. As well as whether you will be on same desk/department or transferred to another.
If there are any planetary obstacles in your career growth, you will also get the advice of possible remedies and solution.
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