Medical Astrology

Indian Astrology is a useful and path-leading science since VEDIC era, but its use in medical science is perhaps the most important one. Is it not a fact that mystery of so many diseases and health troubles is still unrevealed even by much advanced modern medical science?

The astrological and planetary connection to various diseases has already been established beyond the shadow of the doubt by our wise sages of ancient time, but much of their knowledge had not percolated to posterity with the passage of time and lack of proper scientific approach could not make much headway in this area of Predictive Medical Astrology.

It is our revered and great thousand years old Indian astrology and Guruji- Jyotish Marthand Prof. K. S. Krishnamurthi, who shed great light on scientific astrology and proved a definite link between the 1st, 6th, 8th and 12th cusp or bhava and their sub lord in one’s horoscope (of Indian Stellar Astrology system) to the occurrence of disease in the conjoined period of the significator of these cusp.

I being the follower of Indian Astrology and advanced by Prof. K. S. Krishnamurthi’s, KP system, the stellarAstrology dealt with subject matter by adopting his rules in pinpointing disease, its cause and cure when, from one’s horoscope and conclude that all the twelve houses of horoscope signify the different parts of a human body. i.e. 1st House-Head, 2nd House-Eyes & Face, 3rd House-Arms & Shoulders etc. Each Zodiac sign, constellation & planet are ruling certain parts of a human body and affect and control them by their energy.

If you are suffering from any health problem, you may contact for the Medical astrology assistance & remedy. I will do Astro diagnose the disease, affected body parts when disease attacked & its duration, as well as I will suggest ‘How to prevent the disease’ with the help of Astrological remedies, precautions, gems and Vedic Spiritual remedies of health preventive planets.