Horary Astrology

Don’t know your birth time?

Horary Astrology, if you don’t know about birth time

Horary Astrology is a prominent branch of Astrology, which is more, perfect for those, who don’t know their time of birth. The horary word derived from ‘hora’ word of Sanskrit. Hora means the hour. In this Astrology branch, horoscope cast at the time of Query. This horoscope called Horary Horoscope.

Like other branches of Astrology, this method is rational and has a scientific approach. It forecast events from the position of the planets at the moment of question about an important matter seriously.

In Nakshatra based Horary system, the astrologer asks the querist to give a number at random from 1 up to 249. The number provided by the querist and the time when he/she asks the question forms the basis for the prediction. These are Ruling Planets at the moment of the query, which enables the Astrologer to predict. The number that he/she gives depends upon his/her mind. The Moon governs the mind. So that particular number Reflect the question and answer by the Moon. The Moon is the 1 of the ruling planets.

Discovery of Horary System based on Horary numbers

This branch is a discovery of Prof. K S. Krishnamurti, the world famous researcher of K. P. System of the Astrology. It is so clear, convincing and correct which resorted to, mostly by those,  who doubt the correctness of their birth data. Horary astrology can answer all your questions and remove all doubts even without know your correct time of birth.

This system ultimately follows principles of the Astrology. By applying it, Astrologer can predict the longevity, health, success or failure in one’s enterprise. One’s stay in foreign or return to native place. The time of marriage and description of partner. Reunion or divorce? Birth of children. The result of the examination. Recovery of the lost articles. When will be The Success in the litigation? Treasure legacy etc., even day to day’s minor matters, i.e., when will my drunken husband come back home from the party?  Anything and everything, which is chasing the peace of your mind and family, you can ask. Thousands of people, who were doubtful about their birth details, are already benefited with the divine branch of Vedic Astrology.

What I can do for you with Horary Astrology

Do you have any query in your mind? Being an Astrologer, I assure you that I will give you the answer to all your questions and also suggest you the way and remedy to avoid any misfortune. I will completely satisfy you with the help of Horary Astrology.

Horary Astrology reading or consultation method and fees remain same, and only you have to give me / write a number from 1 to 249, with your question and name of the place from where you are.