Airy sign

Airy sign in astrology sign are distinctly, if well connected; they show cheerful, gentle, amiable courteous, sympathetic, refined and human nature. They offer good intellect, fertile imagination; idealistic and artistic nature; will-in formed fertile The mind is cultured, musical inquisitive; fond of; reasoning; generally well-behaved and level-headed. He will not be assertive but tactful.

People born in airy astrology signs will have active circulation. Their bodies will be plump and their complexion is good. They will be well informed and wide-awake workers.People born in these astrology sign will exert much, get exhausted and, due to overwork, suffer nervous troubles.

Airy astrology sign denote intellectual pursuits best fitted to advisers. Or they show their skill in some literary occupations. Scientific pursuit will be advantageous. Any profession,. Where in the mind and brain are more exercised than the body, fit them most. They are ideally, lawyers, artists, reporters, lecturers, scientists, aviators, inventors, etc.

This majority of the planets in airy sign show that the native is talented, refined, courteous, idealistic and often inconstant. The native will be artistic and idealistic and literary-minded.