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No Growth or Want some challenging career?

Like to know- ‘When will I get a better job or promotion?’

Who doesn’t want a bright career? You too, because you deserve for the better opportunities.

You may be in this job since years & now you think your career growth stops here. You have good academic track, good experience and have done some professional course too. What you think, are you getting perks & salary you deserve for?

Now see, In Another situation, your family is in another city because of your better half’s job is there. Obviously, you eagerly want to join the family.

You are trying your best. Sending resume, LinkedIn, head hunters in all the ways, but stars seem stuck.

May be some calls are there, but yet not mature?

When will I get an offer? When will I switch job? Will I get a better package?

Career Astrology reading will predict you all about.

You will get pinpoint time frame prediction for ‘when will you switch job or get the promotion’? Will it be in same city or Country or in abroad?

After graduation I was promised a job which was later denied due to recession in the industry. My relatives told me to reach out to Dr.Sudhanshu and I haven’t looked back ever till date. He not only helped me in landing into a job but also helped me widen my thinking process and the whole perspective to life.

Arjun Kapoor

Successfully leading career

From a broken marriage to a happy life with two beautiful kids. this wouldn’t have been possible without Sudhanshu ji. He not only helped me along with the vedic remedies but also went way forward to sort out things between me and my family. Thank you. 

Rekha Chopra

Happily married and has 2 healthy kids

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