Common sign

Each category of the four Astrology sign (such as movable, fixed and common) has a common factor or quality of expression, but this quality in each astrology sign would be applied differently. The three qualities may be compared to the three Guns of Hindus, viz the cardinal or movable to Rajas (activity), this fixed to Tamas (constancy), and the mutable or common to Sattva (rhythm)

Mesha, Karaka, Tula and Makar are movable astrology signs, Rishaba , Simha ,Vrischika and fixed ones. Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanu and Meena are known as common astrology sign.

Common Astrology signs may be like the swinging pendulum. This sign represent vibratory motion passing from one point to another and back again linking the two extremes of its motion. This nature is dual and fluctuating. Flexibility or plasticity is the predominant characteristic of common astrology sign.

These sign denote an intellectual, sympathetic, sensitive subtle, versatile and changeful nature. The native born in these astrology sign or having a majority of the planets in these sign will often be inconstant, indecisive, vacillating and restless. Being flexible, they never exert their will power sufficiently. Their tendency is to drift and dream of the future. Native of common astrology sign are peaceful and sympathetic in their disposition and cordial and pleasing in their manner. They sometimes suffer injury from others not because they cannot retaliate, but deign averse by nature to exertion they do not wish to take up the trouble to fight. Nothing appeals to the man of common astrology sign permanently. He desires nothing as much as change and roving about, usually in an aimless manner. One born in common sign is best fitted to be in the employ of others than have others in his employ. Unless born will off, these people seldom make their way in life, always lacking leisure and lacking a go-a head spirit.

People with common astrology sign are sensitive to and much swayed by the surrounding environment as they lack the stamina to assert them selves. They are not capable of the slow and sustained work put form by fixed class.. They prove best when they take up agencies, commission jobs, etc, in which much of executive skill is not required.

Common astrology sing bring income to one through service and ordinary means. Finance is prone to fluctuation. The man of common sign, being lazy and indifferent, will be indifferent even in regard to accumulation of wealth.

Common astrology sign incline to affections of the lungs, limbs, breathing apparatus and all kinds of nervous disorders. The diseases denoted are often convertible. One may be able to overcome them entirely or the diseases will run their course and become chronic depending on the individual’s mental temperament. Common signs on the 3rd house cusp make the mind more receptive, methodical, systematic and easily affected by surroundings.

When common astrology sign are connected with houses2, 6and 10, one is best fitted to serve others. For instance, one can act as a middleman, an agent, a messenger, clerk, teacher, editor or speaker. According to Alan Leo, it sometimes denotes occupations in which uniforms are worn, companies or where public commodities are dealt with. If the 1st and 7th lords are in harmonious aspect or in parivartana (mutual exchange), partnership is advisable; a good mutual working arrangement is indicated. if the cusp of the 11th house and the lord of 11 is in common signs one will acquire doubtful friendships.

When the common sign are on cusps of the cups of the angles (1st 4th and 10th houses in the chart) or when a number of planets are posited in these signs, the mind is often fickle, fighty superficial, wavering and versatile. One may grasp an idea in a, short time and arrive at a decision, but will change his dcision, quickly. Native with common sign will be systematic and methodical; but succeeds in life by other’s aid. Even if one succeeds, he does not gain the required recognition for his merit and labor. Being vacillating, he is liable miss opportunities that come his way.