Fixed sign

While studying the Indian Astrology, I would come to know that the influence of the fixed astrology sign rouses the desire nature, giving stamina and persistence in action,. Person possessing these fixed astrology sign have a very strong and determined will. They will thorough. If they made up their mind to do anything, they are pre-eminently thorough. If they make up their mind to do anything, they will keep on working with remarkable and persistence until success comes to them. Native with fixed astrology sign are practical in their approach. They will not mind doing anything for one who has own their affection. They are very firm in their mental attitude and once an opinion has been formed they cling to it with tenacity. They are very difficult people to convince but, when over to a cause, they will defend in to the last.

People influenced by the fixed astrology sign will be outspoken, self reliant and reliable and remarkably patient. On the other side they are obstinate, rigid, dogmatic , unrelenting and unbending . The natives with the fixed astrology sign are very fond 0f comfort, luxury and other refining influences of life.

Fixed astrology sign native tend to ailments affecting heart and the generative system. Chronic or organic troubles are threatened. One may suffer from diseases like diphtheria, bronchitis, asthma, heart troubles, defective circulation system and spinal complaints. Afflictions from fixed astrology sign denote that one may inherit , hereditary diseases which usually become chronic.

Indian astrology proves that people with fixed astrology sign bring the native gain through authoritative influence, investments and accumulation of unearned income. There being no fluctuation denoted, one can expect to have a fixed income.

If the third house horoscope falls in a fixed astrology sign, then the native will have a fixed and rigid attitude. He will be persevering, plodding, painstaking, proud and authoritative. He dislikes travelling. Any travel is usually forced by circumstances.

In Indian astrology these native favour Government service and end employment in ancient institutions and established businesses with security of service. One will achieve success through slow, steady and sustained effort.

The fixed astrology sign people grasp opportunities slowly. being conservative-minded, they do not quickly respond to the new environment and care more for permanency and fixity.

when fixed astrology sign are on the cusps of the 1st 3th 7th and 10th houses in a horoscopes or most of the planets are found in fixed signs, one be firm, determined, dignified and self-reliant. He will be slow and plodding but will succeed eventually. One will require time come to a decision “Patient persistence in life through fixity of purpose and persistent effort. He will put his talent to the best use. Setback does not daunt him. He will adhere to a method only after being satisfied that it will meet his requirements. it is next to impossible to change him but when veered round to a cause, he will prove to be its most ardent and reliable advocate.