Mute sign

All water Astrology signs (namely, Karaka, Vrischika and Meena) are known as mute astrology sign. If Mercury being lord of 6 is in the 2nd house in a mute sign or lord of 6 is in the 2nd in a mute sign affected by Mars or Saturn, perceptible stammer, lisp or other impediment will be the result. Mercury anywhere in mute sign affected by Saturn, causes stammer. If Mars adds his influence by bad aspect, then the native will talk very fast, lisp or pronounce his words badly. When Mercury happens to be in a mute will have a defect in speech. Saturn in the lagans in a mute sign causes an impediment in speech. The 2nd house governs vocal organs. If a voice sign be found in the 2nd house in a horoscope, more especially if Venus or Mercury be therein free from affection, then eloquence or some vocal gift may be predicted. Astrology sign Jupiter indicates that one will offer advice, preach (May or practice) and will be a platform speaker. . Astrology sign Mars and Jupiter give assertion and make him an orator who can move the masses by his fiery speech. Mercury and Saturn show that The native will modify his speech According to the time circumstances and the crowd before him.