Watery sign

Watery signs in the classification of astrology sign signify a fruitful nature and give enough of fertile imagination. They show less recuperative power. The constitution will be weak. The dispositions are timid, inert, and unwilling to act. The mind is receptive, inert, and unwilling to act. The mind is receptive, contemplative sensitive, sentimental, and psychic. Occult tendencies ate indicated.

Alan Leo says as follows:-“the watery signs are the least fortunate giving sensitiveness and often lack of energy. When the majority of the planets in the horoscope of a native occupy watery signs, the native is shy, sensitive, timid, psychic and often lacks energy.

According to Indian astrology, The watery signs, if affected, make one anemic and weak pulsed. In later stages tumor or cancerous growths may trouble them. Watery sign, if fusing, give much less stamina and predispose to digestive, urinary and catarrh troubles.

Classification of astrology sign shows that Watery sign favour all employments in which liquid is used. It includes everything from mineral water to wines and spirits, or from washing clothes to sailing e.g. sailors, fishermen, engineers, manufacturers and dealers in liquid refreshments etc. also emotional acting etc. All occupations in which water is the chief element , also dealers in soft good, textiles, fabrics, chemists etc., are influenced by watery signs.
“A majority planets in watery signs denotes a psychic or emotional nature; the instinctive or impressive or impressionable ; often mediumistic and sometimes passionate