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Certified Astrologer
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Astrology Ephemeris

A tabulation of the positions of a celestial object in an orderly sequence for a number of dates-usually for one whole year.


 Daily Panchangam
Panchangam is a Sanskrit term, which mean five parts (Panch + Angam). It is a Astrological almanac which follow 5 parts of Vedic calender as 1- Tithi (Date), Nakshatra (Moon's constellation or star), Yoga, Karan Yoga, Sun rise and set time. You can see here Panchang for each month.
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Nakshatra-Lunar mension

Nakshatra -The Stars

Moon Nakshatra
A Nakshatra or Constellation or Lunar mansion is 1/27th part of the Zodiac, identified by the prominent star(s) in them. Moon completes one rotation in approximately 27 days. So Moon's average one day moment in the Zodiac (13d 20') is span of one Nakshatra.
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Astrology Reading

Indian Astrology By Astrologer Dr. Sudhanshu

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Vedic, Indian Astrology
Live On Phone
(ISO 9001:2008 Certified)

"Millionaires don't use Astrologer, Billionaires do." - J. P. Morgan
Astrology Reading on Phone (Live)- It Is the best and most effective method of, Live Astrology reading with an Astrologer from USA (all time zone), UK, UAE, SIngapore or any country, as it involves, in Real Time, Direct & Both Way phone Conversation, thereby helping you to ask all related question in mind & clear all doubts about your problems. I also provide Audio Recording by email of entire conversation, so that you can refer it back anytime you want. You may get also online consultation text chat with Astrologer Dr. Sudhanshu if Phone service is not available for your Country.

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Audio Record featureGet Audio Recording of your Phone Astrology Reading by email, after Phone session.
Time framed & Pinpoint Astrology Predictions.
Flexibility of Consultation Fees Plan.
Live Astrology
LIVE Reading on your Zone/Country's Phone or Online text chat.
Astrology Reading on Phone
Astrological Reading box Reading box
Compatibility bar Astrology Compatibility, Love, Relationship & Marriage Marriage Astrology
Astrology Compatibility
Relationship issues, Unhappy Married Life and DIVORCE can make the life hell. Astrology can tell you- "what is in your "FATE"!
You may Consult me for Vedic Horoscope Match and Solutions
for compatibility issues, delay in marriage etc.
Compatibility-Match Love & Relationship Problem ?
Delay in Marriage? Marriage & Manglik Dosh
Finance & Business

Astrology About Your Career-Business-Finance

Indian Astrology for Career

Unsatisfied With Your career or Business?
Things are not going according to you?

Problem in Business?
Like to know for prosperity of business or Promotion and new job when?.......
I will analyze your Horoscope and tell you the Astrological Reason of your setbacks and unsatisfaction in your career / business, with the ways to get rid of by this divine science- Jyothish The Astrology .
I will give you Time Framed Pinpoint Astrology Predictions for your Career, Business & Financial issues.


Your Astrologer Dr. Sudhanshu

About Astrologer Dr. Sudhanshu
Astrologer Dr. Sudhanshu

ISO 9001-2008 Certified Astrologer.

Experience- More than 25 Years.
Education- B.Sc. LL.B., D.E.H.M.
Awarded by- So many Astrology Institutes.
Visited- Almost half the World for Astrology & Vastu.
Online Astrology Service -Since 1999.
I am one of the few Astrologer of India, who practice in KP Astrology System which is highly acclaimed for its accuracy in predicting the time-frame of events.

More About Dr. Sudhanshu
About  Astroloystem

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology
Vedic Astrology
Jyotish, The Astrology is real richer and more accurate than all other Astrology systems. Especially for the Predictions of Events with Time Frame. This tell us- "WHAT is going to be happen in our life, And WHEN it will happen". Indian Astrology covers Karmic, Spiritual and Materialistic aspects of one's entire life with the Timing of Events.

Medical Astrology & Gem Therapy

Medical and Ayurveda
Medical Astrology
It is a branch of Vedic Astrology, which is also a part of medical science of ancient India, called 'Ayurveda'. It tell us about sensitive & suffering parts/organ of body, Diseases, Health problem period as well as CURE WHEN with traditional Astrology- Spiritual solution...
Astro Gems

Your Lucky Gem Stone

Lucky Gems
Lucky Gemstone
Precious & semi-precious Gems are well known as Lucky Gems in Indian Astrology and people eagerly seek them. Since old time gems are being used in India and other Countries for averting misfortune and curing diseases. Usually gems are prescribed for wearing as rings or as amulets. It is said that the planet, which is weak in the horoscope of.........
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My Hong Kong  Phone No. 8 - 175 - 3670
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Astrology Software

Online Software
Astrology Software
1- Online Horoscope Software -for Website and Web portal.
2-Professional Software- for Astrologer & Researcher.
3-Economy Software- for Student and Computer Horoscope vendors.
4-Regional Software- in different Indian regional language as, Tamil, Kannad, Gujrati, Marathi, Bengali and Punjabi.

Astrology Sign/Zodiac Sign

12 Sign
Zodaic Sign
Zodiac is an imaginary zone of about 9 Degree North and South of the  ecliptic in
which all planets rotating around the Sun. This Zone (Zodiac) is divided  into 12 equal  parts each of 30degree and each sector called a 'sign' or Rashi. Basic difference in Western and Indian Astrology system is based upon 'First  point of Zodiac'. In Western system The Intial point of Zodiac (called Vernal equinoctial or V.E. point) does not occupy any fix position among the stars, while in the Vedic Astrology......
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