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Astrologer Prof. Krishnamurti further researched deeply on Vedic Astrologyand analyzed the vast span (13deg.20min.) of the Nakshatra. He divided zodiac into 249 parts with the help of Parashar Rishi’s certain formulas. These 249 division are called “SUB” and their lord called “SUB LORD”.

He conclude that the Nakshatra in which any planet is posited gives the signification of “HOUSE or CUSP ” (Health house, Money house, Love house, Marriage house etc.)

But the ultimate result may be positive or negative, benefic or malefic helpful or harmful is decided by the “SUB LORD ” in which that planet is posited.

Next he research on role of Ruling Planets in selection of fruitful planets to materialize any specific event i.e. marriage, birth of child, travel, for speculation luck testing on free online bingo, job, business, promotion, recovery of health etc.

With his theory pinpoint of timing of event as luck of winning in the bingo in any Horoscope become easier, to find out significators of effective houses, to select fruitful significators, with the help of sub lord and ruling planet, to see when Vimshottari maha dasha, antar dasha ( bhukti ), pratyantar dasha and sookshm dasha (time scale in Indian Astrology) will operate, and transit of those planets, at that time.

No need of remember not useful traditional Indian astrology Yoga, and confusing theories.
(You can see more about Indian Astrology at other website). Hon’ble Guru Ji’s system is very to learn and useful. We can apply it on big issues of life as ‘marriage when’ to day to day events, as ‘when I will get parcel/offer letter’. Even it can give us lucky time in any day for good luck.

The Hon’ble Guru ji’s research on Nakshatra and their Sub-div. Propounded the K.P. System as the most accurate astrological predictions in the world.

With the blessings of the GURU JI and LORD GANESHA, I have been working on this Indian Vedic Astrology System since last 25 years and carrying out further research in the astrological fields of birth time rectification, Horoscope analysis, political matters, luck in stock market and Medical astrology, etc.

While working on all these aspects in our astrology zone for the goodness of mankind in all the matters whether they are related to prosperity or power, health or harmony and misfortunes or family affairs, I conclude that our divine astrology science is the best, vast and elaborated science containing all the secrets of nature in just twelve houses of the horoscope made on the base of planetary positions at the time of birth of a particular person.

If you are facing any of these problems or any other problem in your life, even if this problem is as LUCK is not succeeding in stock market or in business, you can contact me as I will describe you all the features of your horoscope and prescribe you the remedies and cures whatever will be need full.

After graduation I was promised a job which was later denied due to recession in the industry. My relatives told me to reach out to Dr.Sudhanshu and I haven’t looked back ever till date. He not only helped me in landing into a job but also helped me widen my thinking process and the whole perspective to life.

Arjun Kapoor

SPG, Successfully leading career

From a broken marriage to a happy life with two beautiful kids. this wouldn’t have been possible without Sudhanshu ji. He not only helped me along with the vedic remedies but also went way forward to sort out things between me and my family. Thank you. 

Rekha Chopra

Heavy, Happily married and has 2 healthy kids

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