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A tabulation of the positions of a celestial object in an orderly sequence for a number of dates-usually for one whole year.
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Panchangam is a Sanskrit term, which mean five parts (Panch + Angam). It is a Indian Astrological almanac which folow 5 parts of Vedic calender as 1- Tithi (Date), Nakshatra (Moon's constellation or star), Yoga, Karan Yoga, Sun rise and set time. You can see here Panchang for each month.
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Nakshatra -The Stars

A Nakshatra or Constallation is 1/27th part of the Zodiac, identified by the prominent star(s) in them. Moon completes one rotation in approximately 27 days. So Moon's average one day moment in the Zodiac (130 20') is span of one Nakshatra.
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Indian Astrology | Vedic Astrology

Advanced Indian Vedic Astrology - K P System

Indian Astrology (KP or K P System ) is based on NAKSHATRA (Lunar mansion or constellation)  derived by great Vedic Indian Astrologer and research scholar Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti. Prof. Krishnamurti brought a revolution in the field of Vedic Horoscopes. He studied the ancient Sanskrit texts of Indian or Vedic astrology, Western Astrology and elucidated the knowledge scientifically. His understanding was not based on chance like a game. He used a thorough analytical method to base his wisdom.


This divine Astrology System is based on Nakshatra (Constellation or star) lord and their sub divisions, called sub lord. Prof. Krishnamurti Discovered the method of Horary Horoscope and Natal Indian astrology, which provide clear, concise, accurate and correct predictions. This method is logical and gives a complete scientific approach to astrology.


All the other future forecast, Predictive Astrology systems gives importance to The RASHI (SIGN)- the 1/12th part of The Zodiac- 30 degree each. No other system goes further Deeply in zodiac, after the Rashi or sign.


Nakshatra (Star or Constellation) is a division of The Zodiac, the 1/27th Part = 13 degree 20' each. This zodiac division is based on the average daily motion of the Moon . These Nakshatra are zone or group of stars or a major star, which are at a great distance from our Solar system. Each Nakshatra or star is ruled by a planet, called in this system 'Star Lord".

He found that two or more planets in the same SIGN (RASHI) and same HOUSE (BHAV) in a horoscope can give different results.



K.P. found signification of planet in the horoscope depend on the Nakshatra or star in which it is posited. Again K.P. researched that two or three planet in the same sign and same Nakshatra (star) can gives the opposite results in the same matter, i.e. one planet Gives sound health, other gives illness. One gives marriage, other gives Divorce.


Why is this?

Then he do further research and divide each Nakshatra or star, accordingly to Vedic Indian Astrology's Vimshottari division system of Rishi Parashar in 249 divisions. Each division called 'sub', and the ultimate result good or bad, favorable or unfavorable depends upon this 'sub' of star. These 249 division are called "SUB" and their lord planet called Sub Lord in the KP Vedic or Indian Astrology.


"SUB LORD and Ruling Planet Theory in the Indian Astrology "

Prof. Krishnamurti conclude that the Nakshatra in which any planet is posited gives only the signification of "HOUSE" (Health, Wealth, Love, Marriage etc.) But the ultimate result, positive or negative, benefic or malefic helpful or harmful is decide by the "SUB" in which that planet is posited.

Next he research on role of Ruling Planets in selection of fruitful planets to materialize any specific event i.e. marriage, birth of child, travel, job, business, promotion, recovery of health, and day to day minor matters etc.


With his theory pinpoint timing of event become very easy, to find out significators of effective houses, to select fruitful significators, with the help of sub lord and ruling planet, to see when Vimshottari maha dasha, antar dasha ( bhukti ), pratyantar dasha and sookshm dasha will operate, and transit of those planets, at that time. No need of remember un useful traditional astrology's more than 1000 rules, Yoga, and confusing theories.


The Hon'ble Guru ji's research on Nakshatra and their Sub-division Propounded the K.P. System as the most accurate astrological prediction system in the world.


With the blessings of the GURU JI and LORD GANESHA, I have been working on his Vedic Astrology System since last 27 years and carrying out further research in the astrological fields of birth time rectification, Horoscope analysis, political and Stock market forecast etc. While working on all these aspects in my astrology zone for the goodness of mankind in all the matters whether they are related to prosperity or power, health or harmony and fortune or family affairs or even success or even success for people that like to play music.  All these matters, including stocks are based on luck, which is based on the astrology system and therefore can be influenced for the better. I conclude that my divine astrology is the best, vast and elaborated science containing all the secrets of nature in just twelve houses of the horoscope made on the base of planetary positions at the time of birth of a particular person.


If you are facing any problem in your life, you can contact me. I will describe you all the features of your horoscope, predict timing and prescribe you the remedies and cures whatever will be need full, on the basis of Indian Astrology.
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Astrology Software
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4-Regional Software- in different Indian regional language as, Tamil, Kannad, Gujrati, Marathi, Bengali and Punjabi.

Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign
Zodiac is an imaginary belt about 9 Degree North and South of the  ecliptic in
which all planets rotating around the Sun. The Zodiac is divided  into 12 equal  parts each of
30o and each sector called a 'sign' or Rasi. Basic difference in Western and Vedic Astrology system is based upon 'First  point of Zodiac'. In Western system The Intial point of Zodiac (called Vernal equinoctial or V.E. point) does not occupay any fix position among the stars......
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